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Happy Nursing Day!

día de la enfermería

Congratulations dear fellows! today is our day. Yes, it has finally arrived, after waiting all year, it is the International Nursing Day, and a sense of a nursing pride runs through my veins.
It seems a trivial fact, but many centuries have passed for us to be recognized as true independent health professionals.
The first data take us back to prehistoric civilizations, in which the group who provides care to the rest was integrated of women, shamans or priestesses. These women were attributed supernatural powers of healing by magic herbs.
In classical civilizations, care was provided by slaves or women. This happened both in ancient Egypt and classic Greece and Rome, until the advent of Christianity. With its arrival, the concept of care joined the charity and help, so many events had to occur subsequent to disassociate these conceptions and the professional nature of our business could finally arise.

florence nightingaleThis does not happen until the appearance of the most important figure of nursing: Florence Nightingale. With her postulates “Notes on Nursing”, she began to develop the foundations of modern nursing, relating hygiene with health; and discovering facts as new as, for example, the benefits of music on patient’s health. Her concepts of disease-prevention and health promotion conflicted with the old line of curative care, a total revolution for her time!

Her work was so important that inspired other important figures like Henry Dunant, founding father of the Red Cross. With her Nightingale School, founded in 1840, Florence encouraged the foundation of a qualified nursing. This was the prelude to all of us, in the mid-twentieth century, to become a university graduates.

PYou might remind other important female figures as Clara Barton, Virginia Henderson, Dorothea Orem, Lynda Carpenito… but I probably couldn’t pay the attention that they deserve, so that remains for a future post.
What we are going to do is to officially inaugurate my new blog, during this special day for all of us: a nursing blog is born in the International Nursing Day.
I have high expectations and hopes placed on it, and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do so. Come on, come in!


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