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New beginning


Just over a year ago I began my writings in the blogs’ area and certainly not by my own initiative. In nursing degree at King Juan Carlos University, all undergraduate practices should be accompanied by a thoughtful portfolio (TP), a field notebook or both, although almost always they require the TP first (it depends on the teacher whose subject corresponds the practices).

At the first time, the TP seemed to be an extra effort for me and most of my colleagues, added to the other homework of the college (nursing care process, seminars …) and the practices as well. We got involved in a useless project, a waste of time to justify the famous Bologna Plan, introduced in our class for the first time in its history (of course in this and in many other situations there was an overall feeling of being like an experiment).

Although I have to say that many of the TP we did become in disaster, there were some with similar structure of a field notebook that achieved the objective with which they had been proposed. Maybe you are wondering what is the difference between a field notebook and a TP. Well, there are some little differences between one style and the other, even though the limits are not well established depending on who designed the objectives of both. The field notebook is more technical, aims to integrate the knowledge of prevalent diseases of each ward along with the nursing work, on its own and with a multidisciplinary team. It can be performed by mapping the environment, to develop techniques, a brief attitude of both patient and staff, etc. However, the TP is more holistic, and its ultimate goal is to bring the student a comprehensive nursing view of the patient and of himself. In short, it must consider the emotions, beliefs and cultural differences in each patient’s treatment and not becoming in machines that only gives drugs or takes cannulas.

Even it is a little shame to admit; I have to say by my own experience as a student that the field notebook was the book that I had the most learning. I do not mean that the TP did not teach me any lesson, of course they did, but the field helped me more, as the psychosocial part came many times with the analysis of some more physical situations.

In the last practices of my career, my teachers came up with the brilliant idea (not clue what were the motives that lead them to do it) that one of the TP became virtually, via blog (I note the aggravation that is exposed to the view of everyone in literal sense). It is true that a TP should not contain personal details of patients due to data protection law and the right to privacy, but… what about ours?, We really had to bare our experiences, thoughts and reflections in front of strangers? Well, the answer was yes and, in fact, that was the motivation for the creation of my first blog on photo

Anyone who has read my previous posts could check that there is a clear difference in the quality of them. There are entries with an interesting topic and strengthen with many scientific reviews, and others that look like a Mexican soap opera. The reason for this is the obligation of writing almost one post daily to achieve our career goals.


Despite of this and with the support of my partner without which this blog would not be possible any way, the fact of discover how I could help my mates by the post to deal with nursing-related issues arose my interest in continuing this activity. Also I was considering the idea of teaching other people, staff or not, who want to know more about a topic in which I could contribute with my knowledge.

And this is the reason to migrate the blog, to give a plus of professionalism and altruism to the new post, which I hope to achieve a higher quality than the old ones.

Finally, I encourage you to share with me a bit of my experience and my everyday life in this nursing world, always looking for the maximum scientific rigor and updating.

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