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día de la enfermería

Happy Nursing Day!

Congratulations dear fellows! today is our day. Yes, it has finally arrived, after waiting all year, it is the International Nursing Day, and a sense of a nursing pride runs through my veins.
It seems a trivial fact, but many centuries have passed for us to be recognized as true independent health professionals.
The first data take us back to prehistoric civilizations,


Sucrose, potential painkiller for breast – feeding infants?

The benefits of breastfeeding on invasive and painful therapies are known since antiquity. For example, during the community reviews of infants, they are a good way to get the vaccine like a not so traumatic experience for the little ones, and it is also widely used in paediatrics units. There are many references of it, and even my own clinical


New beginning

Just over a year ago I began my writings in the blogs’ area and certainly not by my own initiative. In nursing degree at King Juan Carlos University, all undergraduate practices should be accompanied by a thoughtful portfolio (TP), a field notebook or both, although almost always they require the TP first (it depends on the teacher whose subject corresponds

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